The Culture Of Tea In China Since 2737 BC

I think it is kind of a globally accepted culture that when you travel to a place, especially a distant place far away from home, you return with something that is of a uniqueness to where you visited.

On my trip to China, I returned with a pretty-looking box of Chinese Tea and it is by far the most unique representation of the Chinese culture, I observed. By the way, it’s the Chinese New Year(Year of the dog).

The box of Tea was actually a gift and so, you can tell that tea is not just tea here, it is a culture, a lifestyle that’s been practiced for a long time.

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while on the trip, I got served more tea than water, and I needed to get used to it because according to them, the Chinese people, the practice of tea culture can bring the spirit and wisdom of human beings to a higher level. Who doesn’t want a higher level of wisdom?

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So, I made some research..,

Tea has an extremely close relationship with the Chinese culture that it not only embodies the spirit of civilization, but also the spirit of ideological form.

Tea production as a matter of fact in the Chinese Society has played a role in driving economic development and as such it has remained a practice of daily life.

The history of Chinese tea is a long and gradual story of refinement. The original idea is credited to the legendary Emperor Shennong, who is said to have lived 5 000 years ago. His far-sighted edicts required, among other things, that all drinking water be boiled as a hygienic precaution. A story goes that, one summer day, while visiting a distant part of his realm, he and the court stopped to rest. In accordance with his ruling, the servants began to boil water for the court to drink. Dried leaves from a nearby bush fell into the boiling water, and a brown substance was infused into the water. As a scientist, the Emperor was interested in the new liquid, drank some, and found it very refreshing. And so, according to legend, tea was created in 2737 BC.

Hey, ready to have some tea? Watch me unbox this box of Chinese Tea HERE

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