#ExploreBauchi: The Colonial Treasury Building Since 1923, And The Mystery Door That Cant Be Opened

Located adjacent to an ancient Mosque or probably one of the oldest worship houses in Bauchi State is the Colonial Treasury Building which was built in 1923 by the colonial masters.

The 100-year-old Mosque adjacent to the Colonial Building in Dass, Bauchi

The stone building according to research serves as the Bauchi/Dass Province Native Authority Liaison, as well as the treasury, where revenues and levies collected from neighbouring areas were kept for onward delivery.

The building has a short wall surrounding it with two adjacent rooms which served as offices for the colonial officers who worked there. In one of the rooms is a metal door made with superior quality material that leads to a vault, or a safe for keeping treasures, valuable items, and documents.

The building typical of other colonial buildings found across Nigeria has endured forces of nature to stand solid but has however lost most of its doors and windows to vandals. Opened to the entire community and with no form of management to protect and/or preserve this historic building, the sight is also sadly serving as a home to livestock and dirt around.
The most notable feature of the Colonial Stone building remains the locked door – a mystery that has remained so in one of the rooms for many decades. Several people have been reported to have tried over the years to unlock the door, but it has remained impossible with the superior metal frame defying every effort. The door feels very heavy at the sight of it, and a knock on the door certainly confirms why it has been impossible to open or break.

The Mystery Door

The door is also said to be reinforced with concrete, and built into the walls of the building to avoid removal. The strong surface of the door has a small keyhole of which the keys are said to be missing adding to the mystery surrounding the door.

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