I Think Selfies Are The Future Of Smartphone Cameras. Check The Statistics!

The phone camera that ever really mattered has always been the one on the back. But increasingly, the camera on the back isn’t the one people care about the most or the reason you might pick one phone over another.

The most important camera on a phone right now is the front camera, the selfie camera. Yes, I said so! Besides, a good front camera can always mean the back camera is likewise.

Whenever a company announces a new phone, it’s always how much more megapixels does Phone A have over Phone B?, How much better are low-light photos on Phone A versus Phone B?, and Are the colours more lifelike or are they super saturated? And how is image noise?

When we first heard about the TECNO Camon CX, the news put more emphasis on how the front camera was revolutionary  – we were looking at a phone with a dual flashlight to aid low-light selfies, 16MP and a wide angle. These upgrades were to make sure you have the best of selfies in a world that’s gone selfie-crazy.IMG-20170323-WA0028

Selfies are the in-thing now and if you are looking to stay above the competition, you may consider equipping yourself with the TECNO  Camon CX.


And As a result, don’t be surprised when some phone makers lower innovations for the back camera. Still though, TECNO Mobile continues to make upgrades to back cameras with every device off the Camon series.  IMG-20170326-WA0002

It’s arguable that selfies have been popular for years, but it’s only within the last year that they’ve become entertaining, thanks to Snapchat and other social media platforms indulging in stories.  You can actually just goof off and share your chills with your audiences whilst it is absolutely cool to do so.

The future of phone cameras is here and we can agree that it’s mostly selfies, selfies, selfies.!!

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