TECNO Camon 11 Pro Unboxing And Camera Test: How Does It Perform?

TECNO Mobile in an event that felt like a concert launched the Camon 11 and 11 Pro last month in Lagos. Unarguably one of the best phone launch events in Nigeria ever this year but then, this is expected given the major strides the African Mobile has achieved this year. See my Video from the event HERE

The Camon 11 Pro was launched alongside a younger variant, the Camon 11 just like earlier in the year when we had the Camon X and X Pro. However, the new lines of the Camon series witnessed major upgrades especially in the Display and Body Build department, and also the Camera department that comes with Artificial Intelligence(AI).

You can find the basic features HERE

Straight out of the box, the TECNO Camon 11 Pro is a stunning looking phone, great color schemes and general aesthetics, the first to come with a notch up top for TECNO Mobile, quite slippery to hold especially if you got sweaty palms so I’d recommend you rock it with the case that makes for a better grip. TECNO Mobile retained a couple of the patterns from last Camon line up keeping all the buttons to the right and sim card and memory card slot to the left hand side of the phone and the bottom part housing the USB and Charging port, Speaker grills, and Headphone jack.

Watch my Unboxing Video HERE

To the camera department which is usually the most talked about, especially that the camera quality has always been the unique selling point of the Camon Series.and when you also consider the price point, it just makes sense to give it a shot. The Camon 11 Pro camera spots a 16MP and 5MP dual set up and on the front side, a 24MP AI Clear Selfie Camera, and this AI thing is what TECNO has really been going on about. The AI is supposed to take your photos to the next level, but I am not exactly sure if it is doing this accurately though. You can watch my thoughts about that HERE and also below are photo samples from my test. All the photos you see here are unedited.

2x Zoom

Bokeh mode

Front camera with Bokeh
Front camera without
low light with flash
low light without flash


The Camon 11 Pro checks some of the boxes in the camera department. The primary colors being Red, Green and Blue are well balanced, its got smart autofocus. You can’t go wrong with that.

A couple of downsides though, the photos come off a little over-sharpened which may just be the AI trying to process your photos for you immediately so you don’t bother with editing. I mean its super great for everyday regular photos but for photographers like me who may be looking to edit and grade my photos in a certain way, I would have lost lots of details already. The bokeh mode is also a bit of hit and miss, doesn’t seem to work right all the time as it has problems detecting your edges but when it works, it works and you love it. Also, the camera has no manual mode which again does not matter for most but only for those who are looking to tweak camera settings to get a desired feel or style out of their photos. other than these, it’s a great camera device. Photos from the camera after a smartphone photography class at Lagos Photo Week which I was one of the facilitators were exhibited at the launch and these photos were really amazing, especially that they were even coming from amateur photographers.

On the video side, nothing special, same old 1080p video resolution. No optical stabilization, no Slomo or anything like that which is quite a norm for mid-range devices. Nonetheless, I’m going to be doing a video test in a Vlogging format just so we can see how it performs for video and also get to test the audio as well. Up until now, I used to Vlog on my Camon X Pro — the predecessor device so if you want to catch up with that, make sure to check out my YouTube Channel and Subscribe HERE

So what do you guys think?

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  1. Ruby

    As good as the picture quality is, i strongly believe there is room for more. I can only imagine what the picture quality would look like then. Cheers

  2. Dan

    TECNO mobile never cease to amaze me, just when you think you have seen it all they come up with something again. they should keep up the good works.

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